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Your Trusted Local Pharmacy in Las Vegas

Welcome to QHR Pharmacy

At QHR PHARMACY, we are excited to be of service to you today. We understand that as a patient and customer, you would want nothing but excellent customer service and high-quality drugs from your neighborhood pharmacy. This is exactly the guarantee that we offer you each and every time you visit any of our two branches in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We pride ourselves in the dedication of our experienced pharmacists, technicians, and staff who are equally committed to delivering top-notch customer and pharmacy services to our dear clients. Having been in the business since 2010, we have served a wide range of clients and patients who have, in return, gifted us with their loyalty and trust.

We Offer Special Discounted Prices for Vitamins, Weight Loss Medication for your Patients

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Quality & Affordable

You will find genuine, high-quality and affordable pharmaceutical brands and products.

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Wide Selection

You have access to a wide-range of recommended brands of medical supplies.

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Excellent Service

Can take advantage of a list of practical and useful pharmacy services.

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We encourage you to take the time and visit us today. Our bilingual staff who are fluent in English and Spanish will gladly assist you. For any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Our Mission Statement

The core premise of our business is to improve the health and wellcare of those we serve by providing the best product, quality service, patient safety and added value to meet their unique needs.

We are passionate about providing top-notch, trustworthy, reliable and quality service to meet the needs of our customers by collaborating with other healthcare providers.

Two Locations to Serve You!

QHR Pharmacy | Nellis Blvd

  • 765 N. Nellis Blvd Ste 7

  • Las Vegas, NV 89110

  • Phone: 702-331-6388

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QHR Pharmacy | Westcliff Drive

  • 7512 Westcliff Drive

  • Las Vegas, NV 89145

  • Phone: 702-331-6796

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